Introducing the 2017 MWC Deer Contest Field of Champions

Everyone entered in the "Deer Contest" will automatically (unless you pm that you want out) be entered for the team contest same $10 nothing extra.



Top GROSS scoring MARYLAND Whitetail

"Youth"will be separate
Youth will be as defined by MD DNR lic.

Teams will be drawn randomly.


Contestant Rules:

Contest is open to all legal weapons used in appropriate seasons.

 Winners will be voted on and determined by the registered members of 

This contest is open only to registered members of

Because we have members from several states-this contest is not limited only to MD deer but is limitedonly to fair chase hunts.


Bucks = 3 bucks per person can be entered. Inside spread plus number of points.

Button bucks score 0.

Doe whitetail/sika = No limit .The first 3 doe entered per person are worth 8 points. ANY doe after that is 1 point and no bonus points.

Sika Stags= 3 per person can be entered. Length of both beams plus number of points.

Measuring= Inside spread on whitetails and length of beams on sika will be rounded to the LOWEST inch. Points must be 1 inch long to be scored.

Archery kills ( Compounds, crossbows, recurves and longbows) get 2 bonus points.

You have 5 days to enter/provide all the required pictures of a kill period. You do not have to enter a kill but once you do you are locked in with that animal. It doesn’t matter if you shoot the world record and have already locked in with 3 four pointers your done for the team part of the contest.

To enter an animal you must provide pictures clearly showing the measurements.One picture must clearly show you, the entire animal and the weapon. 
No skull, rack or cape only pictures.

No Exceptions.  

No pictures, no score,no exceptions.

Only legally taken and tagged game(no crop damage permits) accepted. We have NRP officers and others from the DNR as members if it’s not legit it has no place here. 

Total team score wins.

Most Importantly, Its All About Having Fun!





Are All Included

After you donate, post your entry and your member/forum user name  and  transaction here...