The 2018 MWC Deer Contest

To enter the 2018 Deer contest please click the Donate button below. You will be taken to a paypal link to where you can pay using either PAYPAL or your credit/debit card. You have two options. The cost to enter is $10. If you choose option two, you will be mailed a MWC decal for $14. ALL PROCEEDS from the contest go to support the cost of the site  moving forward through 2019. Thank you!

Teams will be chosen at random prior to the start of the 2018 season. The size and number of teams will be determined by the number of entries. 

MWC is YOUR SITE. We need your support to keep it up and running.  Follow the forum for details as the season approaches. Prize package will be modest as always and be announced soon.

$10 Entry fee to the MWC deer contest

$14 Donation includes Deer contest entry and a MWC decal

The teams for the 2018 Contest. Number of teams and participants will be determined based on the number of entrees.