Would you like to become a Tribe Member on MWC?

Becoming a Tribe Member shows your support to Maryland Whitetaii.

Your will receive...

A tribe Icon to display on your profile

Access to sell your items in the MWC Classifieds sections.

*** MWC reserves the right to Moderate any item for sale that may conflict with the intent of the Classified section.

First look at new items posted on the classified section for a period of 3 days * This gives you a first look and an opportunity to buy an item posted by another Tribe Member, after the 3 days, it will be posted to the general Classified section for sale to all visitors. We understand your goal is to sell your product, we want to give you the opportunity to get the first crack at the best deals posted. 

A free listing of your Business in the soon to be developed MWC Tribe Network. * Details are being developed NOW- stay tuned, you will like it!

Tribe membership will last for one year. We will post a Date to renew your membership. You will have the ability to sign up anytime after that, however it will run out the duration of that one year period. Once you sign up, you will receive a notice one year from that date with the opportunity to renew.


The Cost is $15- Proceeds go to pay for the functioning costs of MWC

HIt the paypal Button below. * You dont need a paypal account to sign up, at check out simply check the option to pay with a credit card or check card.

Then click the Button below that says MAKE ME A TRIBE MEMBER- we will verify your payment and hook you up! Its that easy. *Please give us 24-48 hours to verify.