BUCKS-BEARS-STAGS (BBS) is Maryland's Newest Antler and Skull Measuring Enterprise that Recognizes Outstanding Maryland Whitetail Bucks, Black Bears and Sika Deer Stags.

The Mission of Bucks-Bears-Stags is to celebrate the long-honored heritage of recreational hunting in Maryland. Excellent habitat, fertile soil and science-based wildlife management have given us a world-class White-tailed Deer herd, a robust and expanding American Black Bear population and a unique "Maryland-only" residency of Sika Deer. We celebrate the success of Maryland's wildlife management by acknowledging the successful hunters and by honoring the finest examples of those legally harvested Maryland bucks, bears and stags. 

We also believe that the future of hunting rests with the young. We encourage Youth participation and the continued participation of men, women and seniors in our noble pursuit of wild game.

We also believe it is our Mission to support the non-profit organizations that promote and protect our publicly-owned sustainable resources.


- Robert Newton III is the Scoring Director from Northeast Maryland for Bucks-Bears-Stags. Robert is an official Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young, NMLRA Longhunters Society and North American Shed Hunters Club measurer. He will authorize interested persons to measure for BBS.
CONTACT: 443-466-4641 |
- Doug Wigfield is Maryland's noted Sika Deer professional from the lower Eastern Shore and serves as the Sika Deer Scoring Director. He will authorize interested persons to measure Sika Deer for BBS. 
CONTACT: 443-880-7847 |
- Steve Keithley is a veteran official measurer with Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young. Steve will oversee the Southern Maryland region and authorize interested persons to measure for BBS in that region. 
CONTACT: 301-785-4774 |
- Augie Gray is an official Pope & Young measurer from Carroll County.
CONTACT: 410-961-2594 |