Ryan Mazeska  AKA 'SHEDHUNTERMD'- Semi Live Hunter Colorado September 9th!


MWC is proud to feature an upcoming event, with an exclusive preview ONLY in the TRIBE SECTION for TRIBE MEMBERS. For NON TRIBE MEMBERS...We will move the entire thread to the Public forum later in the season for all to enjoy.

It is our special way of thanking the supporting Tribe members for making MWC great again and giving them an exclusive experience.

ShedhunterMD has been hosting his annual RUT HUNT for a few years. It has been a favorite that we all have enjoyed. He has agreed to share this once in a lifetime hunt with us.

What's going to happen? We don't know...

You can log in and watch threads appear as they do. ShedhunterMD does a great job of updating his progress. Here is the deal, Ryan has taken a herculean effort in preparing himself both physically and mentally for the grueling hills that await him. He has been busy bench pressing Trees, lifting trucks and posing for selfies. He has worked HARD and now he is going to share it with us. September 9th...Get ready! Thank you Ryan. Thank you MWC, and a HUGE thank you to the TRIBE MEMBERSHIP SUPPORT!


To say that ShedhunterMD is getting in shape for this hunt is an understatement. This kid rolls hard! Good luck Buddy! SHOOT A GIANT!!!